What's Going on in Ottawa and the Valley?

Your local community Newspaper has a ‘What’s  Going on in Ottawa section:

  • West Carleton Weekender [Download of issues (including Archives) available on-line HERE  [large ~20+ MB pdf file]]
  • EMC [On-line edition available HERE
  • Community and Association Newspapers and Newsletters

There are always lots of activities going on in Ottawa and the Valley throughout the year. Check out these sources for some good ideas. CLICK on the Red Title:

Type of  Activity

Source of Information/LINK

Ottawa Rural Events and Attractions

 "Ottawa Rural Events and Attractions"

Ottawa Rural Recreation

 "Rural Recreation" 

City of Ottawa Recreation

"City of Ottawa Recreation Guide"    As the complete guide is a large 3.5 MB file, you may wish to download the document by Topic Areas that are found later on that page. Print copies are available at most city buildings throughout the Ward

"Community Partners" Comprises contact details for most of the groups responsible for delivering and supporting these activities to the West End. Large PDF file

Ottawa Entertainment Portal

" Spotlight"  

Ottawa Calendar of Events

"Discover Things To Do"  

Locally Grown Food

 "Just Food"

What’s Going On

"Ottawa Tourism"

Events in The Ottawa Valley


National Capital Commission

 "National Capital Commission" 

Events in The Ottawa Valley


Ottawa's Countryside




 For the Kids


 Community Resources

"Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre" 


"Volunteer Ottawa