While the Internet holds an incredible amount of information, it is often a challenge to find a good site that deals with your level of interest. The following LINKS will help you to access a primary informative web page in a variety of areas:

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General Questions
CLICK on the FAQ button at the bottom of the BUTTON list on the left side of the Home Page. Get there directly by CLICKing HERE.
CLICK HERE to link to a SEARCH tool for the City of Ottawa's 'Frequently Asked Questions' 
Community Information
The Community Information Centre of Ottawa has a good search engine for a variety of services available.

General Reference Information

The Ottawa Public Library has an excellent online resource that you can access with your Library Card number.

 Rural Matters
The City's Rural Connections page is a great portal.
External-to-City This City web page web page provides links to some organizations that provide other vital services in our community.