Spring 2012 Issue of the Galetta Bowling Green Sheet
 Welcome to the second issue of the Galetta Bowling Green Sheet. This year (2012) will bring some new activities, our new colours will be implemented, a new initiative to gain new members, and new initiatives to help our members improve, enter more tournaments and just plain have fun!
Executive for this year are:
  • President: Kin Dillane – 613-832-5456                    the.dillanes@gmail.com
  • Vice President: John Stevenson – 613-623-4251     mftrackr@xplornet.com
  • Treasurer: Lorraine Wright – 613-832-2482            gordon027@sympatico.ca
  • Secretary: Carol Bean – 613-624-5982                     bcbean@sympatico.ca
  • Greens Keeper: David Jefferies – 613-623-4579     dsjeff@sympatico.ca
Appointments included:
  • Membership Convener: Bob Smith
  • In-house Tournament Coordinator: Gordon Wright
  • Invitation Tournament Coordinators: Jennifer Bennett & Ann Crosley
  • Marathon Coordinators: John Bennett, Jennifer Bennett & Jennifer Dugal
  • Communications Convener:  Sue Smith
  • Kitchen Coordinators: Sandra Fletcher assisted by, Marilyn Dillane, Sheena Steele & Carol Stevenson
  • Recognition Review Committee: Glen Eastman, assisted by David Jefferies & Don Murray
  • Galetta Lawnbowls Webmaster: Andrew Tait

Highlights of the 2011 Season:
A) District 16 Playdowns and Provincial Finals
  • Sandra and Dave Jefferies  on their respective ladies’ and men’s 4-bowler teams won the District and went on to the Ontario playdowns.
  • Grant Fletcher and Ted Tozer  won the District Men’s Pairs and went on to the Ontario playdowns. Dave Jefferies and Jerry Laporte (from Nepean) were runners-up.
  • Sandra Jefferies  and Joelle Russell (from Elmdale) won the District Ladies Pairs and went on to the Ontario playdowns.
  • Grant Fletcher  and Edith Pedden (from Smiths Falls) won the District Mixed Pairs and represented the District in the Ontario playdowns.
  • Grant Fletcher  was runner-up in the District Singles playdowns.
  • Sandra Jefferies and Sue Smith  on their Ladies’ 4 bowler teams and Dave Jefferies on his Men’s 4-bowler teams won the Ontario Governor Generals and represented Ontario in Montreal against the best from Quebec. Sandra and Sue’s teams won their event and Dave’s ended in a tie and eventually lost in the extra end.
  •  Honorable Mention: John Bennett, John Stevenson and Andrew Tait performed gallantly in the District Novice Triples.
B) Galetta Competitions:
  • MacHardy Mixed Pairs  – John Stevenson and Jennifer Dugal were runners-up to the winners.
  • Sadler Mixed Pairs  – Ted Tozer and Lorraine Wright won their 3 games and were runners-up.
  • West Carleton Seniors – Won by Jennifer Dugal, Maryjane Strelbisky and Karen Wilson

C) Notable Achievements at District 16 Events:
  • Nepean Mixed Pairs (Jack May) - Won by Dave& Sandra Jeffries
  • Elmdale Mixed Triples (Cullen) - Won by Grant Fletcher, John Bennett & Sandra Jeffries
  • Smith Falls Triples (Helex Hearing) - 3-game Winners - Kin Dillane, John Stevenson & Andy Tait
  • Kingston Triples (District 15) (Scotiabank) - Won by Ted Tozer, Andrew Tait & Hillary G.
  • Goulbourne Mixed Triples (Craig & Taylor) - Won by Daryle Charmichael, Dave & Sandra Jeffries
  • Elmdale Dourley Doubles - 2nd place - Bob & Sue Smith
  • Deep River Mixed Pairs (Bear’s Den) - Won by Bob & Sue Smith
  • Nepean Mixed triples (Toyota) - Won by Bob Smith, John Stevenson & Sue Smith
Congratulations to the winners and all of our other members who participated in these and many other events during the year!
D) In-house Tournament Report:
  • Triples: John & Carol Stevenson and Andrew Tait
  • Mixed Pairs: Jim Bos & Jean McCarron
  • Novice Triples: John Stevenson, Bessie McGuire & Elaine Patterson
  • Ladies Pairs: Jean McCarron & Greta Vance
  • Mens Pairs: John Bennett & Bob Vance
  • Novice Pairs: John Bennett & Marilyn Nixon
Gord Wright has also obtained two new trophies so that all of the events now have one. The club has expressed their appreciation to Tracy Jardine, co-owner of the Pinto Valley Ranch (and Step-up Ruby’s) for the donation.
E) Marathon Report:
  • Tuesday Ladies’ high score: Jennifer Bennett
  • Tuesday Men’s high score: Andrew Tait
F) Novice Practicum:
Our first Novice event was a huge success with a group of 24 participants (including a few of our own members). Coaches from our own and other clubs gave feedback and advice to the Novices.  Feedback was very positive, with several excellent suggestions from both Coaches and Novices for improvement in 2012. Thanks to all who participated and to all thos club members who helped to make it a success.

The “Skills” portion, conducted in the morning was won by John Bennett with William Smulluk (Elmdale) placing 2nd andElaine Patterson placing 3rd.

The “Singles Challenge” event in the afternoon was won between Marry McIlroy (Goulbourne) and Jane Parish (Brockville) who were tied, and Emma Brown (Brockville) for 3rd.
G) Recognition Committee:
1) At the Spring Opening Meeting, on behalf of the Galetta Lawn Bowling Club, David Jeffries made a special presentation of an Honorary Lifetime Membership to the GLBC to Helen Sadler. Helen is one of the founding members of the club, which opened in 1991. Her late husband, Harold, was the club’s first president.
2) At the Fall Closing Meeting,, Kin Dillane made a special presentation of an Honorary Lifetime Membership to the GLBC to Helen MacHardy. Kin expressed the Club’s appreciation for all the she had done for the Club since its inception. Helen and her husband Donald were among the original founders of the Club and that their efforts made the Club the success it is today.

Other News
Streamlined Annual Registration Announced.
The Executive is proposing to implement a new consolidated registration form that will contain these topics.
The first is the Annual Registration Fee which will remain at $55.00 (payable by cheque or cash) for yet another year!
 Second, the Discretionary Fee, which has been held at $10.00, will be payable in cash (only) at the time of registration and ; A spot to initial your concurence for us to use your email address within the Club and the GCA, and finally:
The 2012 application form will be sent by e-mail (or mail) to all past (and potential) members, so that they can be easily processed at the Season Opener.
Volunteer Sign-up . We are all aware of the fact that our fees remain low due to the tremendous amount of volunteer work shared by most of our members. In order to keep doing so, sign-up sheets (available at the AGM) will provide you with a shopping list of activities for which you can volunteer to support the overall operation of the club as well as the several Galetta Community Association activities which, as members of that association, we also support. We all look forward to a year in which we all can say that we have participated to our fullest in the successful operation of the GLBC!
New Rule Book: A new edition of “The Lawnbowler’s Handbook” was released last year. The club has acquired a number of reference copies which are available in the club house..
New Colours: The Fall Meeting concluded that our new shirts should be white with maroon accents (such as sleeves and collars), and sport a crest representative of Galetta. Several members worked on this initiative - the results will be presented at the Spring Meeting. 
MacHardy Green:  - The sign (at the parking lot) will be repainted in GLBC’s new colours.
Tournament Umbrellas: - Both a full set of umbrellas and a new lawn aerator were purchased and delivered on the club’s behalf by the GCA.  Another major benefit of belonging to (and helping out) the GCA!
Care of the Parking Lot Gardens:  - In addition to the pre-opening work (may 14), volunteers will again be needed to help maintain the area around the Green, including weeding, walkways, and gardens inside the fence, and lawns on the periphery of the Green.
Club Constitution: - The club constitution has been revised to bring it up to date with how the club is now organized, and will be sent to members shortly and tabled for concurrence at the Spring AGM.
Important: All Galetta Bowling Club Members are covered by OLBA Insurance. However, guests are NOT, unless guests (or possible new members) sign our guest  book (located under the sign-in board). They will then be insured by the Community Association through the City of Ottawa.  Please be sure that you sign-in any guests!
Communications:  The best way to keep you up-to-date is by e-mail. Please be sure to provide your e-mail on the annual sign-up sheet, and authorize the Club to provide it to other Club members.
Galetta Lawnbowling Web site:   Is now up and running, thanks to Andrew Tait. It has a wealth of information, photos and other matters of interest to club members. The latest news and events will be available on it. Check it out at -http://lawnbowls.galettaca.org/index.html
Club Wall Hangings:   You will note additions to the walls of the Club House. Through the financial assistance of the GCA, the carpentry expertise of Galetta resident Ron Wallace and the artistry of Sue and Bob Smith we have encased the English Lady’s Bowling Outfit donated by Peggy Yorath and the MacHardy contribution to the founding of our Club. We hope to add plaques to commemorate each of these in the future as well as add a list of the past Presidents.
And last, but certainly not least, as most of you know, our Club lost a valuable and important member during the off-season.  Daryle Carmichael passed away while in Florida. Most of the Club and District members who attended Daryle’s wake were dressed in their bowling whites as a tribute to Daryle and his passion for the game. Daryle was well-known across the District and the Province as an enthusiastic and competitive bowler. However his main devotion was to our Club. He led us as President for three years in the mid-to late nineties and subsequently continued to show his enthusiasm and leadership in the Club whenever the opportunity presented itself. OKIE DOKIE and G’Day good buddie. We’ll miss you!!